Thursday, February 19, 2004

Why I Liked "Kill Bill" (2/19/04)
I found it to be stupid, provocative, gut-wrenching, mindless, profane, and utterly pointless.
In other words, a perfect movie.
1) The fact that we don't even know what the main character's name is
People with "good taste" like movies that offer character development. People like me like movies that offer a fill-in-the-blanks plot, with stereotypical characters thin enough to cut your finger.
2) Random Profanity
Only Quentin Tarantino can pull this off correctly. Unlike most other directors, who carefully study the guidelines on how many "f-words" they can squeeze into a movie without offending the majority of the audience, Tarantino just puts them in for comedy value. For those of you who've seen this movie, recall the scene when O-Ren Ishii drops the bomb at the table of Yakuza (and the Japanese translation in the background!)
3) Utterly Inappropriate Music
Again, it seems only Tarantino pulls this off correctly. While in other movies this sort of thing might seem cheesy, in "Kill Bill" it's a classy parody of a cheesy soundtrack.
4) Hattori Hanzo and His Sake-Fetching Assistant
Having lived in Japan, I appreciate the humor in this scene.

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