Sunday, July 24, 2005

Michigan Misadventures...
Yah so apparently now I'm in Michigan visiting w/da father's side of the family. Quick notes:

-Weeeelll, driving directly into sunlight for about 5 hours is much more draining than you might imagine. Even if you're sitting in the passenger seat sun-napping like me. Also, the plaintive cry, "Are we there yet?" can't kill you, but you WILL wish it could, especially when it's your mother whining about it.

-We went blueberry picking yesterday, which apparently here is a big thing. Right now they grow in clusters and clumps, always knotted around a nuclei of sour pale red protons *berries, and coming off with a roll of the fingers and a clip of the nails, plopping into the white plastic bucket which Mexicans fill at the end of the season for $2 a barrel. Having learned that fact, the ghosts of my liberal-activist friends point angry fingers at me whenever I eat blueberry pancakes, guilting me, but not enough for me to stop enjoying the berries, especially because there's a REASON I killed my liberal-activist friends.

-Also we saw "The Island" in the afternoon, which was irritatingly unoriginal (expect BLATANT ripoffs from Blade Runner, Minority Report, The Matrix, Star Wars, etc. etc.) Also some funny quips from Steve Buscemi (his definition of God is pretty good for a summer movie) and about 10 billion irritation product-placement messages made it in the final cut. BRRR.

-Finally, this morning we went to a Korean church for the first time in about a year. Ehh. 'Nuff said.

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