Saturday, July 30, 2005

RIP Good Haircut

Yeah yeah I got my dorky haircut today, which is arguably even dorkier-looking then my Conservative Lawyer haircut I got for Mock Trial.

See, I've been trying to grow out my hair- OK that's a lie, I'm too lazy and fashion-inconsiderate to make decisions like that, it's just that the last time I
got my haircut it was snowing outside (yep, I haven't gotten a trim since June*) and everyone says it's my "[Insert very famous 60s rock star here]" look and cracks oh-so-clever jokes about finding Yoko Ono to complete the look.

I just realized I spent five whole minutes writing the above paragraph when I should have been reading Gordon S. Wood's POS for AP US. Grr. Unhappiness
<--high-school angst, remember that?

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