Sunday, June 18, 2006

First Day in Iowa

First of all, it's the "Hawkeyes", not the "Cornhuskers", as I originally thought. The Writer's Workshop here is a lot more tightly run than Kenyon Review one; it looks like I'll be doing actual work here instead of doing my stream-of-consciousness thing.

Now to the important stuff:

-The ratio is 36-24 them, which is good, not as good as Kenyon, but Still Alright
-Our teacher's name is Anjali, yet she looks nothing like what I expected
-Food = passable
-Roommate seems cool, but very very quiet.
-We have to write a major piece to "workshop" and I came this close *holds fingers very close together* to writing something that would have instantly marked me as either gay or VERY effeminate. Why is it that I can never get the Hiroshima story out of my head? Right now I'm torn between going with what I have (a one finger salute from the wingmen of the world to those who abuse them), a Locke and Hobbes story, or *possibly* the Masefield idea. But who knows.
-I saw him, didn't believe my eyes, and then saw him again as he came up to me. Matt "There's a Lion in my Stomach" is here!!! WTF!?!?!??!?!?!??! KYW continues to haunt me....

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Anonymous said...

Is the movie finished?

I certainly do want to see it.

-Le Corinne