Saturday, July 01, 2006

A White Man's Guide to Understanding 2nd Generation Minorities
I'm back (from outer space) and my God I'm tired and depressed and emo and have finally revealed myself to be FUBAR instead of the nice guy I (nominally) pretend to be.

More on that later.

But now, for some lightheartedness:

On the plane ride home from Cedar Rapids to Chicago, I sat next to a girl named Jesica  (happy b-day, btw) who was 2nd generation Dominican Republican/Ecuadoran (Ecuadorean? Ecuadean? Ecuadorriano?) and we had a nice discussion about the Next Generation (cue music) of minorities.

I had this whole post planned out and it was supposed to be deep and profound but I completely forget what I was going to write.

BUT since she worked as a barista at Starbucks in Miami, I can tell you that café cubano is just very, very dark, very, very concentrated coffee.

Also, half-Polish half-Korean people are cool.

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