Thursday, December 28, 2006

So I was at the Princeton alums/applicants gathering yesterday and there are 3 (!!!) kids from the area who got in early decision, including a very, very sharp classmate of mine (The Procrastinator, if you're wondering). Congratulations to them, but seriously! I was talking to them and all the conversations went like this:

ME: So what'd you do over the summer?
THEM: Oh, nothing much, just won a nat'l level competition/mastered a new language/built a device that detects bacteria in water supplies (not kidding about this one)/cured cancer, you?

And my plaintive cry continued: WHERE ARE ALL THE NORMAL PEOPLE!??!?!


Minh Nguyễn said...

Don’t worry about them. They’re just stuck in résumé/college app–writing mode.

Corinne said...

you are most certainly not a normal person, harrison.

i didn't know you applied to princeton... where all did you apply, anyway?

and i am guessing "the procrastinator" would be juan?