Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Joy asked me to put her in the blog, so here she is.

Some of you may remember an ill-conceived plan to take Salsa lessons (dance, not cooking) as a big group at Forest Fair. It failed for a number of reasons, not the least of which was the entire plan being forgotten under the stress of junior year.

Well, for my little program at the University Tom Wolfe Made Fun Of and Chapel Hell, they had an icebreaker involving merengue and salsa lessons (again, dance, not cooking/dessertmaking). It was difficult for us, not the least because we were all tired and grumpy and being difficulted by the awkwardturtleness of having to re-meet 30ish people and remember all their names. Also, having a girl-guy imbalance didn't help (although there were definitely more girls than would have been at a similar event at my previous place of education).

And unlike the last time I tried salsa, Laura wasn't there to trip and fall and harm herself, so I actually did pretty well, though we were all outdone by a licorice-legged and harpy-hipped young gentleman named Marc (not Mark, as he vigorously asserts) . Salsa is fun if you have the a partner who is forgiving and actually wants to be there. We swapped until I ended up with a certain aforementioned young lady, who wasn't the best pure dance partner/music combo I've ever had (that distinction still belongs to Kathleen/the DJ from the semi-informal thingy at St. U), but damned close, and probably better if it hadn't been for the fact that we were stumbling through a Tostitos dip.

I'm starting to feel far more enthusiastic about this whole thing.

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