Monday, October 29, 2007

I got my ticket to the "and the Sunshine Gang" Airport Today!!!

Assuming nothing terrible yet predictable happens, I will see you in December. *Joker Cackle*

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I have just calculated, and the current period of my angst cycle is about one month, 22 days, give or take about a week. The amplitude (intensity) of my cycle increases as the relationship goes on, until it culminates in the end.
This begs the question: is the rate of my angst dAngst/dt linear, or differential? That is to say, does the prolonged relationship cause the period to lengthen? Or the peak to rise?

More questions for later.
In Case You Were Wondering:
Here is a list of things I will not be dressing up as or pretending to be during Halloween:

1) Willy Wonka (with or without a candy cane)
2) A M*ch*g*n Fan
3) Neo from the Matrix
4) Pimpin' Willy Wonka (with or without a Candy Cane, if you get my drift)
5) Samuel L. Jackson (unless I can find a Jheri curl)
6) Religious retreatant
7) Creepy Neverland-ranch-esque Willy Wonka
8) Normal
9) Frat boy (go search "Brohemian Rhapsody" on CollegeHumor if you want to know why)
10) Harry Potter
11) Kid voted "most likely to survive Pre-Med"
12) Jesus
13) The other Mike Myers (if you get my drift)

Friday, October 26, 2007
Rain Man

I've noticed it rains whenever I feel angsty, so as a public service to the community of Durham, I will be feeling angsty for at least a few more days to make sure we're well supplied with water for the winter.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apologies from the management:

The preceding poem/post was ATROCIOUS. We will return to our normally scheduled $#!^ in a little bit.

In honor of the gloom and crappy mood, I'm going to bestow upon both of my faithful readers a crappy emo poem:

"Single Integrated Operations Plan"

Quoth the Bard,
Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant taste of death but once.
What does that say about us?
We dream of it,
Plan it,
Fantasize about it,
Practice it,
A beautiful, fiery annihiliation.
The End. Of Everything.
The world. My life. My love.
Everywhere we stand,
Our fingers on the triggers,
Over the red buttons,
Staring each other down.

It will be ugly.
It plays on endless loop in my nightmares,
The end of Aquarius,
The end of warm cookies,
The end of the album,
The Beatles broke up.

"I just don't care about you anymore
"Let's just be friends
"It's too hard
"There's someone else
"Doveryai, no proveryai
"It's not you it's me [but it's you]
"Peace in our time
"Peace without victory
"Peace be with you
lies lies lies lies lies lies
you just don't want me anymore

So you'll take the nuclear option,
Cradle the Football,
And erase the two of us from the earth forever
I know.
I've seen it.

So am I a coward?
I have no doubt.
I've visualized, planned, practiced,
Every conceivable way,
So I'll be ready,
Ready so you can't break me,
With your tears and your anguish and your angst

It all means the same,
"I don't want you anymore."
I've watched you from a distance as you walk away from us,
I've watched you from your eyes,
From my eyes,
I watch myself collapse,
Fall deep into the singularity,
Ash and fire and winter-nuclear,
The meek shall inherit the earth.

So am I a coward?
I've died a thousand times,
A million times,
Hardening myself.
I have food and water and shelter stored away,
I'll be king under a mountain,
And I'll remember,
"One death is a tragedy,
A million deaths is a statistic."

Quoth the Bard,
"Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant taste of death but once."
But I'll be a coward,
Quoth another Bard,
"Since the man that runs away/lives to die another day"

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thoughts for the Day

-Carson McCullers on Love: "There are the lover and the beloved, but these two come from different countries...And somehow every lover knows this. he feels in his soul that his love is a solitary thing. He comes to know a new, strange loneliness, and it is this knowledge which makes him suffer..." (How true...)

-Andy Roddick on Love: "It never lasts long, especially if you suck." (Oh, Andy, don't feel bad...)

-fPendl on Love: "****ing first."

-The Beatles on Love: "All you need is [it]"

-The one thing I have any talent in is creative, freewheeling writing. Here is my schedule through the first two semesters: Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, Computer Programming, Seminar, Chemistry 2, Chemistry 2 Lab, Biology 2, Biology 2 Lab, Seminar, Academic/Formal Writing.

-The one thing Ohio State does well is defense. Here are their first round draft picks from the last two years: WR, WR, WR, MLB, S, WR.