Saturday, November 10, 2007

And if I were...a squiggly wiggly worm...I'd thank thee Lord for my awesome 70s perm...

Sometimes it is really easy to forget the simple joys of life among the whirlwind of college. Between partying, studying, activities, stress, illness, drama, and cleaning people's guts off the carpet, there are some things you forget about:

-Sleeping in, and then getting up without an alarm clock.

-Fried chicken and Southern barbecue.

-Cold Coke (like the drink, not the drug)

-A really hot shower.

-Ice cream.

-A big steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold day, sipped slowly as it cools until there's nothing but a chilly dredge of pure chocolate remains on the bottom.

-What I did tonight: going to an empty basketball court, and shooting simply for the joy of shooting. No competition, no worrying about other people, just you and a hoop and a ball, and the clanging and the swishing and the squeaking echoing about, until your arms hurt and your legs burn and for a moment, you're 11 years old again panting on a paved driveway with a ghetto chewed-up net and a sweatshirt and ratty shoes and your breath frosting up the cold air and your father there next to you, not smiling but not frowning, a grim, physical joy in the air.

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