Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chick Flicks/Romantic Comedies I Can Actually Watch Without Wanting to Commit Seppuku

1) My Best Friend's Wedding
Five words: Julia Roberts is the villain.

2) Father of the Bride
Say what you will about Steve Martin, but his performance in this film made me feel nostalgic about fatherhood- and I don't have kids (as far as I know...). The wedding planner character made me mildly ill though.

3) Hitch
Will Smith and the-guy-from-King-of-Queens-and-the-theater-ads save what could have been a truly terrible movie. (And let me reiterate: this could have been a TERRIBLE movie)

4) Fever Pitch
Not realistic at all, but bearable.

5) Jackie Brown
Technically not a "chick flick"...but it has chicks in it...with guns...and a surprisingly mature story (mature as in grown-up, not adolescently preoccupied with sex and perversion) about getting old and getting ready.

The fact that two of my movies are about middle age worries me.

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