Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Story about Hope

So my roommate's girlfriend told me a story about how she had been deeply head-over-heels for him, and was absolutely thrilled when he asked her to come on a long walk with him. Thrill turned to disappointment when she found out he just wanted to ask her advice...about another girl that he, in turn, wanted to figure out. So of course, she was disappointed and emo, just as I am now...and now, months later, he's forgotten all about the other girl, and he and his girlfriend are happy together.

She probably told me this for one of two reasons: to get me out of my mini-funk (funky town....) by giving me a little misbegotten hope, OR to very gently hint to me to drop whatever it is I feel for That Girl, since she's taken. But what she didn't realize was the first thing that this hinted to me was neither of those things.

Instead, it reminded me of a very familiar story of mine own.

Regular readers of this blog will recall stories about the first girl on the list of odds below, and they are multifarious and interesting; however, the story that I was reminded of about her was a little different.

She was exactly two "attractiveness levels" above me, meaning that the first thing I thought when I saw about her was "no chance". This was in 8th grade, well before I had developed anything regarding a theory of attractiveness levels, yet my always-sharp instincts had correctly deduced the situation. So after languishing a little, I relented, let go, and eventually helped set her up with my friend Oliver, a quite decent gentleman. Like most pubescent relationships, it was a stormy affair that lasted three days, and by three days, I mean a short bus ride. And so not only was she out of reach, she was also the ex of one of my friends (again, no theory of Cardinal Rules about Dating, but still I had some very sharp instincts). There was no hope- hence the 10-1 odds, which were perhaps a little generous- otherwise who would have bet on me?

Three months later, at the impatient behest of what seemed to be the entire 60-odd member community of 8th graders, I ended up dating her for about a month. It was stressful, bad for my self-esteem, a wee bit immoral, terrible for my friends, and a helluva lot of fun (time-limited relationships tend to be, but that's an entirely different story and 5,000 extra words).

The moral of the story, don't give up hope, no matter what happens, because sometimes even 10-1 odds pay off. And that's a really good thing.

Of course, the other nine times, it sucks.

[Note to faithful readers: *real*, non-emo blog posts coming soon]

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