Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sword of DamoclesShe said, "I think we can do this, but I need a few days to think it over" and "I haven't really thought about it- I've been too busy vomitting" respectively, so now I wait for her to call me, something that hasn't happened in a long, long time.

And so I sit with the sword swinging over my head, with honestly no idea if this is a happy ending romantic comedy or tragicomic opera that ends with a lot of death (metaphorical, of course).

The waiting, though, is killer. Some of you may recall a post I wrote a while ago about going to an amusement park with a few friends who had passes and about the tower drop, how it's harder at the top when you're anticipating the fall then when you actually do fall. This is kind of how I feel, except I don't know if it will be a thrilling white-knuckle ride fall, or a one-in-a-million-every-safety-system-failed-accident fall.

So I sit, and I wait for a call...

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