Friday, March 28, 2008

One Depressing Thing about Love....One Happy Thing
So in my Public Health class we learned about Syphilis today and the various types of testing required in different states to get a marriage license...*sigh* I realized today that sadly, even if I am lucky enough to marry a woman of good moral standing, with the way mores have shifted, "good moral standing" nowadays means she will only have had the odd sexual partner or two, and I'm going to have to ask her to get checked, if only to assuage my own paranoia regarding Health Down Under.


And here's a happy thing: in keeping in conjunction with the whole "bad poetry time" thing, here is a poem I had to write (in 5 minutes, nonetheless) during my Spanish class this morning, as a response to the following two poems:
"Sátira filosófica":
"Hombre pequeñito":

So here goes:

Un hombre y una mujer no deben tener tristeza,
En su relación, pueden buscar la belleza,
El odio, la arrogancia, la opresión, no son inevitable,
Porque el amor es como una granja...sobre la tierra arable



Anonymous said...

Love stinks.

Nice poem!

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