Monday, May 26, 2008

Memory-al Day
The last time I was here for Memorial Day, a few things were different, and a few were the same...


-My brother marched in the parade with his High School marching band. The raw focus, the sheer angry joie de vivre I see upon his face behind the dark sunglasses: this is the brother we want to see. Or is it?

-The crass commercialism, mixed with patriotism, mixed with obesity-causing sugary sweets, that is the floats of the parade.

-Small children grabbing up all the candy thrown from the floats faster than any street-cleaner, like remoras sucking up scraps.

- The last time, I spent the first hour of the parade talking to E about our hopes and dreams for the future, walking around the parking lot next to the parade route with a cell-phone pressed to my ear. This time, I spent the first hour of the parade sleeping, tossing and turning about uneasily. I'm not really sure which I would rather have.

-More veterans this time around. People are still willing to clap, though.

-The last time, the future was bright.

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