Monday, July 14, 2008

A direct anecdote:
So we're up in the beautiful hills of Wyoming (mountains, really) and tomorrow we're going on a backpacking trip for about two days Into the Wild (TM). My mother is very afraid of bears (and associated markets, Stearns, Bryants, etc.), although not so much ninjas (proof of the dangerous ninja-industrial complex that has hidden the dangers of ninjas and exaggerated those of bears through their media stooges like Stephen Colbert). Exact dialogue regarding tomorrow's hike:

Mom: But what if we get attacked by bears?
Dad: Don't worry, we have bear spray.
Mom: Huh?
Dad: It's like Mace, but for bears.
Mom: Ohh, like pepper spray. (beat) Wait, do we spray ourselves, or the bears?

1 comment:

T.A.T. said...

charming anecdote. colbert may be a stooge, but bears are more dangerous (and therefore more feared) than ninjas. your mother knows this. shakeapeare knows this. i know this. why do you insist on remaining cloaked in willful ignorance?