Sunday, November 16, 2008

Guest Column #9 (by AJ)
Well, in the interests of a free and fair media, the Author has graciously allowed me to come onto this blog in order to present a more conservative viewpoint against the hedonism that seems to be infecting the media these days.
It bothers me immensely that sensationalism seems to persist in media so often. It's gotten to the point where the last several guest columns that have gotten their own spots on A Seraphim Dream have been about smoking adictive substances, amino acids, and cannibalism (not in that order). Spectacle has replaced substance. What happened to the days of journalistic standards??? What happened to following in the footsteps of Woodward and Stewart and Bernstein? What happened to journalists reporting facts and stories instead of opinions and rants?
It's us. It's our fault. We demanded media that was light and frothy and sold cars and commercials like candy instead of media that was responsible and uncommercial. We sold our souls for ads that steamed over with sex and violence to exploit us. We demanded journalists who were personalities on soapboxes instead of unbiased narrators-

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Anonymous said...

I despise this unwarranted attack on an innocent conservative citizen. AJ is a great American! How dare you make a mockery of him in this column with your fancy language and blinding satire! Why, and all this coming from someone who calls himself "Seraphim!?" Seraphims are an awful lot like angels, which come from space, like aliens! You impostor! You illegal alien, living in this country unfairly, stealing from others and attacking a great American, how could you...