Monday, January 05, 2009

Fiesta Bowl Preview

In a nutshell: It will be closer than you expect, but not as good as you hoped for.

With less brevity: The Fiesta Bowl matches up two traditional powerhouse teams, The Ohio State University and the University of Texas at Austin, one of which has a dead cattle head for a mascot and one of which has a tree (and some guy named Brutus). Dead cattle head vs. tree....hrmmm...

In the last three years these teams have met twice, with UT winning at the 'Shoe with Vince Young 25-22 (in the closest game UT played all year before winning the championship over unbeatable USC) and then tOSU winning in Austin 24-7. The difference?

-When UT won: UT had Vince Young, who was a fourth-year experienced starter and got snubbed for the Heisman, and was playing at Ohio Stadium, while tOSU had Justin Zwick and Troy Smith, who were just beginning to get into their roles.
-When tOSU won: tOSU had Troy Smith, who was an experienced starter and won the Heisman, and was playing at UT's house, while UT had redshirt freshman Colt McCoy, who was just beginning to get into his role.

Now, look at the facts:
-Colt McCoy is now an experienced starter, who got snubbed for the Heisman.
-Terelle Pryor is just beginning to break into his starter's role and become more than a game manager
-The game is being played in Arizona, practically a home away from home for tOSU.

I smell problems. UT wins, 27-17. *Sigh*. It could be worse-UT could win 41-14 and cry about not being in the championship...

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