Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nothing like a backhanded compliment to get you going in the mornings...

So I recently helped produce a documentary about life at my school, and sent a copy to an old friend of mine, who wrote that it was "hilarious", which made me smile. Of course, she then continued to say "I gotta say though, yall must have been pretty fried from studying when u made that vid b/c the commentary was borderline retarded at best."

I love America.


Anonymous said...

hey, don't be saddened just because you're down with the syndrome.

Erasmus said...

I thought the video was funny; but the commentary is obviously lacking some serious super-ego at times.

Its funny to see you private school kids studying hard during exam week... How cute.

The above example is which kind of irony?
- situational
- tragic
- "Lock and Hobbes-ian"

I thought I'd throw that in just to give you some practice so your sharp next time you write some dialogue.