Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some Irreverently Happy Days in My Life (i.e., headlines for stories I may write someday)

-The Day I Won Two Different Quiz Team Matches on Last-Second Responses, and J Told Me I Was As Clutch As Troy Brown

-The Day Malcolm Jenkins Did the Jump Around:

-The Day I Finished The Last 7 Hours of Mass Effect

-The Day I Discovered the Student Store Gives Out Free Donuts After 10 PM

-The Day I Heard "Snow Crash" On Audiotape at the Apple Store

-The Day I Improvised the Smoothest Pick-up Line Ever (and Almost Cracked My Head Open)

-The Day I Found My Way to the Steak and Shake on the West Side Even Though My Directions Were Wrong

-The Day Sloan Was Calling It "The War of Northern Aggression" and I Said "Scoreboard"

-The Day I Saw the Gym Class Video for the First Time: http://www.oldeenglish.org/podcast/gym-class

-The Day I Saw the Lazy Sunday Video for the First Time:

-The Day We Beat "da Rain" on a Last Second Daaah-rius TD that I Almost Missed

-The Day We Locked Julie Out of AP Psych and Tried to Watch "Space Jam"

1 comment:

Erasmus said...

The day we discussed the implications of using air cavalry to circumvent the City's salt truck fleet in an effort to obtain more snow days...