Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Foods I Have Eaten Today (in chronological order)

-One Chipotle burrito: carnitas, rice (with cilantro?), tomatillo mild salsa, sour cream (2 dollops), lettuce (3/4 handful), cheese (1/2 handful)

-A handful of Chipotle chips, three with medium salsa, the rest with mild

-3/4 of a cup of lemonade

-One Snickers bar

-One bag of store-brand microwave popcorn (~1 month from its expiration date)

-2 Pop-Tarts (or maybe just one, I haven't made up my mind yet)

And yet my friends staged an intervention for my friend Jess' eating habits, not mine....*sigh* It really goes to show who's the priority these days.

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Anonymous said...

Now, I may not be an expert, but I happen to know that this Jess character once ate sprees as dessert, oatmeal cream pies for grain, nutter butters for proteins, and a cherry coke for fruit. For breakfast she happened to have had... and oatmeal cream pie. So you my friend are ahead because you have eaten meat.