Friday, April 24, 2009

The Rules of Kings, a.k.a. Circle of Death

(Inspired by a ridiculous debacle where we were sitting around for at least 10 minutes yelling about how to play the game before someone looked it up online. Yes, someone looked it up online)

Kings is a great drinking game, because it is fun, requires many different skills, gives many opportunities to drink, and you don't have to play it with alcohol, so even people like me can enjoy it. But people often get confused about this. So, once and for all, let's get this out of the way: here is how you play Kings.

A standard 52-card deck is used, minus the jokers. All of the cards are laid facedown in a circular array (in some variants, around a can of beverage). Each player in the circle flips over a card and people follow the rules the card provides. In some variants, whoever flips over more than one card by accident has to drink the contents of the can; in others, each card flipped is stuck under the tab of the can until the tab pops, and the player who drew the card that broke the tab has to chug.

To remember the rules, use the rhymes:

"2 is You": When you draw the 2, point at someone and they have to drink.

"3 is Me": You drink.

"4 is Floor": Everyone has to touch the floor (or alternatively, everyone has to point to the ground). The last person to do so has to drink.

"5 is Guys": Male players drink.

"6 is Chicks": Female players drink.

"7 is Heaven": Everyone has to point to the ceiling. The last person to do so has to drink.

"8 is Dates": You point to someone to be your "date" for the rest of the game; for the remainder of play, every time you drink, they have to drink as well.

"9 is Rhyme": Going around the circle, each players says one line of verse, with the last word of the first person's line being the one that everyone has to rhyme with. The first person to say a line that does not rhyme (or who says a line ending with a rhyming word already used) has to drink.

"10 is When": People play a two-, three-, or sometimes four-fingered (if there is a very small group) game of "Never have I ever"; each person in the circle says something they have never done, and the people who have done that action have to lower a finger. The first one with no fingers left drinks.

"Jack of All Trades": The player who flipped the card names a category of objects, people, places etc. such as "Books of the Bible" or "Presidents", and each player must name something in that category. If they can't, or if they name something someone else has, they drink.

"Queen is Questions": The player who flipped directly addresses another person and asks them a question; that person must answer with another question, or ignore it and direct a question to another player. The first person to make a statement drinks.

"King is Lawmaker": The player who flipped the card makes a rule which all players have to adhere to, which can come in a variety of forms; for example, "Anyone who asks a question [including if a Queen is flipped] has to drink", "Everyone has to make bat noises when they talk", "Every player who flips a card has to compliment someone" etc.

"Ace is WATERFALL": The players get into a circle facing in one direction. The player who flips starts drinking. The player directly behind him/her starts to drink, and cannot stop drinking until the first player stops. The player behind the second player starts to drink as soon as the second player starts, and cannot stop until the second player does, and so on and so forth.

There. Is it so hard?

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