Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some More Great Moments that took too long to fit on fmylife.com...

[Scene: We are playing Apples to Apples. The adjective on the table is "Shallow". Friend A has played "Ocean", Friend B has played "Advertising", and fPendl plays...]
fPendl: Here's my card.
*throws down "My Love Life"*
Me: How is My Love Life shallow?
fPendl: KAITY.

[Scene: We are playing a basketball marathon for charity. I have invited That Girl to watch/she has to be there to take pictures for the yearbook. Our coach trades our best player, Ken, to the other team. We lose by 30 points.]
Me: Well, I hope you at least enjoyed some of that.
That Girl: I did! I got lots of great pictures!
Me: Really?
That Girl: Yeah! I have this really good picture of all five of you standing there with your hands up while Ken dunks over your heads!

[Scene: fPendl and I are sitting in the basement]
fPendl: You know, you're a really nice guy, and girls would really like you if they got to know you better. But you're not hot, so no girl ever will.

[Scene: We are walking along in the mall, talking about TV shows]
Me: And Dollhouse is a *great* show if you can get past the first five episodes or so.
Other Girl: That's exactly what my mom said!
Me: Huh.
Other Girl: She also was the one who recommended I watch Firefly. You have the exact same taste in TV shows as my mom!

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