Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Useful Ideas for a Dollhouse

So I've been watching "Dollhouse" on Hulu.com since it began, and it never astounds me to see the leap in quality between the first five or so episodes and the episode run starting with "Man on the Street"- in the space of one episode and a geeky internet entrepreneur (whose "wife" Echo provides one of the best lines in the entire show's run), the show went from being an absolutely atrocious show salvaged only by the memory of "Firefly" and the sheer hotness of Eliza Dushku (and the sneaky hotness of Olivia Williams, Amy Acker, and even the unlikely-named Miracle Laurie) to an excellent character drama that rivals some of the better episodes of Firefly (nothing touches "Our Mrs. Reynolds", though).

But it got me thinking: what would you hire Dolls for, besides the inevitable prostitution and murder services? Here are some great ideas I've had:

1) Wingmen: A Doll could be a perfect wingman, imprinted with knowledge of icebreakers and drinking games, as well has having the psychological background of being able to "push" his client into going for her, without a hint of self-interest.

2) Relationship Coach: the female version of the above role.

3) Halo trainer: This could actually be done without a Doll, but nonetheless Doll imprinting would make them useful. Imagine an opponent who is just skilled enough that beating them is a challenge but not enough of a challenge that you can't win. I'm surprised Xbox Live hasn't come up with this yet.

4) Air Marshal: A "sleeper" agent who would be imprinted as a person inexplicably compelled to take random airplane flights all day, all the time. Programmed with kung-fu skills and piloting ability just in case something might go wrong...

5) Spare band member: Drummer got "laid up" with a curious disease? Not to worry, a Doll with perfect rhythm is on the way! This would also solve the constant problem of having only three people to play Rock Band.

6) Sorority girl: Wait, nevermind.

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