Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Random Notes from BigTown

-I passed a Chinese restaurant today that had the following sign in the window:

SPECIAL: Subm sandwhich 1/2 beef 1/2 cheseburger 1/2 turkey + Fries + Drink $6.99

Besides being a heckuva deal (3/2s of a sandwich for 6.99!?!?), it was also at a Chinese restaurant...

-I was taking a look at a company called Acxiom today, which might or might not be engaged in some shady activity, and discovered that they are headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. I think this proves that AK has conclusively dethroned Seattle as home of Evil Corporations; while Washington has Microsoft and Starbucks (and arguably, Seattle's Best Coffee, which I've seen as far away as Japan), Arkansas has Acxiom, but it also is the original home of the only real-life entity to appear as an evil conglomerate in both a James Bond movie *and* an Ayn Rand novel: Wal-Mart. But most importantly, Arkansas is home to the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, who have, bar none, the most evil fan base on the planet.

Note that while they are not as deluded as UK fans, or as snippy as Michigan fans, or as whiny as UNC fans, or as arrogant as Florida fans, or as....ummm....logically challenged as Auburn fans, they are most definitely the evil-est of them all, running out a successful football coach after repeatedly humiliating him, undercutting him, setting ridiculous expectations, and even using the Freedom of Information act against him.

May 20th:
-There is a First Church of Scientology/L Ron Hubbard Center for Dianetics across the street from where I work. YEESH!

-There was a gentleman in a nicely-tailored suit sitting on the metro today who was sitting there staring intensely at a packet of case law. I was impressed by his dedication to the legal arts, until I saw the title page which said "Tip Top Pants: Plaintiff...." Oh, Mock Trial....

May 21st:
-A shout-out to my good friend Minh, who is so baller he can create comments-within-comments. Minh runs a really funny blog called "Minh's Notes", and I tell people he invented the Vietnamese Wikipedia.

-The server that hosts the Epic content of the nonprofit working in the same office is currently running a program called SpamAssassin, which is not quite as cool as it sounds.

-There is definitely an Epic fundraiser dinner coming up which I have been invited to, and have the option of purchasing a number of different levels of tickets/donations, with the levels as follows:

$200: "Interest Advocates"
$1,000: "Friend"
$2,500: "Supporter"
$5,000: "Enthusiast" (must be an expensive hobby)
$7,500: "Champion"
$25,000: "ROCK STAR"

For $25,000, you get 10 tickets, "special recognition" (maybe they'll misspell your name on a trophy or something), and a VIP guest, "if available"....

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