Monday, June 22, 2009

Assorted Odds and Ends

Serious Stuff
-Here's an interesting article on the problems with the ways that UIs are depicted in movies like Minority Report and Independence Day (in essence: 90's Macs can talk to aliens. They can't talk to PCs).

-An interesting debate on the best way to articulate Shakespeare, who was notorious for not leaving good notes on the interpretation of his plays...

-This is sort of serious stuff...

Funny Stuff
-...but it also counts as Funny Stuff, (same link) if you know about passwords.

-That lesbian-themed sex shop? There was a tour group posing in front of it today. I thought that was a little weird, then they turned towards me and I saw they all had braces, acne, and freckles. I wanted to vomit a little bit.

-Wikipedia has an actual article dedicated to Reductio ad Hitlerium, which, in essence, means calling your opponent/his argument a Nazi. Last semester, in my European history class, I was going to write about how much Obama's kickoff rally looked like a Nazi rally, (from a purely propagandistic/crowd fervor standpoint, please don't get me wrong) but...well...anyways...just go read this XKCD comic...

-And speaking of Fascists, I mentioned to fPendl about the whole "This train will be delayed 90 seconds due to schedule changes", and he said we should get Benito Mussolini here...*shudder*

-Does this group of college partygoers and their hedonism look familiar to anyone?

-The House hearings, which I watched in Little Trouble in BigTown #7, are only available for online streaming in proprietary .wmv and .wav format. Why isn't Richard Stallman upset yet?

-Sigh...even Billy Mays hates Ohio State now...(although the line about "TIRED OF WATCHING JIM TRESSEL SMILE AND TALK ABOUT HOW YOU "PLAYED HARD" line *killed* me). On a more serious football note, he missed the part about "Have a ridiculous D-Line and make our O-Line look like clowns" (jk Alex, please don't kill me. Or get tased.)

-This story of people trying to learn hoops to play with Obama is absolutely true. Although, as was pointed out in an Epic Meal yesterday (at The Le Bistro Bistro (!)), Obama is never going to get hip-checked, hard-fouled, or have a foul called on him. How are you supposed to call a foul on POTUS anyways?

-This is the attitude of pretty much every girl, to pretty much ever guy, except maybe Sr. Efpendl.

-Tim Brewster's Motivational Tourette's is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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