Monday, November 22, 2010

Because We Can't Get Enough Ricky Stanzi

First, if you haven't seen Ricky Stanzi, quarterback of the Iowa Hawkeyes, declare his love for America, please follow this link and watch the video of him proclaiming "USA Number 1" after winning the Orange Bowl in 2010.

Second, Ricky has a problem with the communists who live in Iowa City:

There is a possibility that Ricky Stanzi may have sat in on a class with a communist. Yes, the American quarterback, the "Love it or leave it, USA No. 1" quarterback, might have shared class space with a Marxist, socialist or communist. We are talking Iowa City and the University of Iowa.

"I don't know how other colleges are, but when you walk around here, you've got people ... you’ve got guys walking around in dresses and just these hippies," Stanzi said. "They're doing nothing. There's the Ped Mall area down there, right in the middle. Those people are going nowhere. Those people are the people who don't like America.

"They always find something wrong with [America]. They're the problem. They're the people who need to change and figure it out. They need to get it together and work hard."

(h/t: Dr. Saturday via OurHonorDefend)

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