Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lost and Found

While trying to dig up some old demographic information, I stumbled across an archived email in my Gmail account that was a forward from another Gmail account...which had the handle of a fictional megacorporation I imagined in a story I wrote when I was in 10th grade. Yet I had only ever owned a single Gmail account, and this wasn't it. I had literally no recollection of this email account.

To find out what was in this account that I had forgotten about was driving me forward, the way that a music historian might be driven forward to find out more about a lost Mozart symphony if he found a scrap of sheet music (in Mozart's handwriting) that started with a suspiciously familiar sequence of notes...

I had an eerie sense of deja vu as I attempted to recover the password for this account and see what it contained- the security question was one that also pertained to that story, and I could not for the life of me outguess the (presumably) 10th grade version of the Author.

Finally, I had it send a recovery link to another one of my old accounts, which I thankfully *could* remember the password to, and I opened up this mystery Gmail account to reveal...

That it was a private account set entirely aside to house my correspondence with my best friend from 8th grade. I actually laughed out loud. It was brilliant. And it got better when I started actually reading those emails.

If I have time and a cruel inclination, I might post some of the emails I sent from that account, which are so hilariously emo and bizarre that they don't seem painful anymore. Time will do that to you, I guess.