Monday, June 30, 2014

"I'm Mr. Manager!"

Quote Describing My Mood

Michael: "Well I'll tell you what, I'll givey ou a promotion. Welcome aboard, Mr. Manager!"
George Michael: "Wow. I'm Mr. Manager!"
Michael: "Well, manager, we just say manager. And you can get an employee if you want."
George Michael: "Do you think we need one?"
Michael: "Don't look at me, Mr. Manager."
George Michael: "Right, it's up to me now, I'm Mr. Manager."
Michael: "We just say manager."
George Michael: "Yeah, but you said-"
Michael: "Doesn't matter who..."

-Top Banana, Arrested Development

Sunday, June 29, 2014

"These men--traffic with devils..."

Quote Describing My Mood

The Arab opened his eyes. The flap of his kaffiyeh had been pulled away from his white-bearded face, and Hale saw blood on the man's teeth when he grimaced. "Get out of this, bin Sikkah," he whispered. "These men--traffic with devils--"

"Salim," said Hale urgently in Arabic, "I am still working for Creepo, under deep cover. This is a pretense, a trick, to confound this lot's plans. Are you hearing me? I--I pretend to kiss the enemy's hand, the better to be sure of cuting it cleaning off."

Bin Jalawi's mouth opened in what might have been a pained smile, as if he were trying to laugh. "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din," he said in English, quoting the Kipling poem that Hale sometimes used to recite when drunk; and then he shuddered and died.

-Declare, Tim Powers